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Amazing! I look forward to your newsletters, and having this one audible was a complete treat for me! I love hearing your voice! You are my podcasting hero, and inspire me all the time. I'm happy to say I've finally begun twitching on my channel with you as one of my muses. I like to think I'm similar: also beautiful woman of color interested in the supernatural, horror and the dark arts! I'll send you a link when I next go live: my first cast was Halloween 2022! https://www.twitch.tv/horrorcrone/about

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Thanks so much for your lovely comments Horror Crone! I thought I'd give the audio/podcast a go and I'm so glad that you liked it! I don't know much about Twitch, but I checked out your link and look forward to when you next go live and seeing your show! Congratulations also on doing your first cast on Halloween! Live casting is such a talent!

I'm so glad as one sister in horror to another we can support each other too.

Keep in touch and thank you again.

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